All The CUDA That Glitters In Iray

So I got me that GTX 780 ti, and have to say I couldn’t be happier. I had to pick one up second hand on Ebay as the few remaining new ones in Australia are usually outrageously priced. I now have my Radeon R7 270X driving the monitor with the GTX card dedicated to the joy of making shiny things.

Rendering with Iray is a lot of fun. As a big fan of global illumination, caustics, and all that gravy having this near instantaneous feedback and rapid iterations has resulted in an epic rendering binge. All these images were rendered with Iray in DAZ Studio with bits and pieces made in LightWave.

Victoria 7 Launches



5 thoughts on “All The CUDA That Glitters In Iray

  1. Jim, how did you get the AMD and Nvidia cards to run their respective drivers on the same system? My old rig had a SLi Nvidia (with AMD CPU, new one is Intel 5820k), but when I went to the 280X, even having nvidia drivers with the Catalyst installed was massively, MASSIVELY unstable. Constant crashes, games wouldn’t play AT ALL, etc. I finally got all the nvidia drivers off after a week of manual seek and destroy, but what a pain .I’d love to have the 280x working the monitor too on the new rig while rendering with the 970 so my computer isn’t useless while rendering in GPU.

    • No tricks. I just installed both lots of drivers and everything has been fine. I haven’t been playing a lot of games lately. I have played some, but that has mostly been while not rendering.

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