DAZ 3D Printed Figures

DAZ 3D – Embracing the 3D Printing Revolution

Cute sci-fi character – one of the current 3D prints offered by DAZ 3D

I’ve put so many blog posts on the back burner over the last several months that there really is no best place to start. So many cool things have been going on in the 3D enthusiast arena. Hell, I didn’t even do a write up for the amazing DAZ Studio 4.7 release back in November last year. At some point a blogger needs to pick an interesting piece of news or topic and dive in.

DAZ’s move into offering 3D a href=”http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/6269025/type/dlg/http://www.daz3d.com/prints”target=”_blank”>printed sculpts of their content is just one such interesting piece of news. Most of us with an interest in technology and 3D arts have been following the development of 3D printing with great interest. To hold your very own 3D creations and fill your man cave, living space, workstation etc is a very appealing idea. 3D printer “nutters” have been doing this with varying levels of success and sophistication for years now, but the technology has remained too expensive and primitive for the general home user or commercial scale production, though it is now starting to filter down into the mainstream. Point in case, we have DAZ 3D now offering the service.


Currently DAZ is only offering a small range of printed figures, possibly as a trial phase, but appear to be poised to roll out the service for fully customised creations. The 3D printing promo video (above), and the 3D printing section of DAZ’s website clearly suggest as much.

While there are only four items to choose from right now, a number of very lucky DAZ 3D customers received a free promotional print of this very spiffy sci-fi character. Congratulations to all you lucky recipients, you have my most sincere jealousy 😉

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