DigiSprawl Pulse Pistol Freebie

If you happen to be a fan of Farscape then this pistol might be familiar. I was recently binge watching the show and decided the Peacekeeper Pulse Pistol might be a fun project to model. A simple, but interesting sci-fi weapon that could be at home just about anywhere.

You can download the pulse pistol here. I hope to add more items in the future. As always feel free to contact me with questions, suggests etc.

I’ve often considered giving away models I’ve created and used for little projects, but even when something is being given away it should be of a high standard. Often I’m happy just to make fun little do-dads to entertain myself or for one off projects (and aren’t really ready for broader use), but here’s something I wanted to share.

The Post Apocalypse

I’ve always been a big fan of all things dystopian and post apocalyptic – even done a number of Fallout themed renders. Seeing products that fit this theme always gives me a little thrill of inspiration. Maybe one day I’ll even get around to rendering the panels for that post-apocalyptic comic I’ve got all storyboarded.

If the apocalypse is your bag check these out.

Post Apocalypse Bundle


Rough Rider for Genesis 3 Female

In case Wastelander for Genesis 3 female is a little too much on the “skimpware” side Rough Rider might be the grungy alternative you’re looking for. There is also a G3M variant too.


Dystopian Girl (G3F)
And then sometimes you just need more leather. I know I do.


And because I can here are some of my own post apocalyptic renders. Given that these images are now between 3 and 4 years old now I’m itching to be back on my render rig.

DigiSprawl Content Picks

[aside]I’ve been away from my render rig a while now. The current computer I’m using has a i7-960 I retired a few years back due to concerns it had been overcooked one too many times, so I’m not pushing it too hard. It’s amazing how quickly I grew accustomed to the 16GB RAM too. 8GB just seems poky, with the system chewing up a large chunk for it’s own purposes. Being back on the R7 290x graphics card with a mere 2GB RAM is the final limiting factor – no Iray. It’s been an interesting change of pace and given me some time to work on other projects.[/aside]

My Recent DAZ 3D Content Picks

Anyway, I’ve seen some interesting content come up in DAZ’s store and thought I’d share my picks. There have been a number of major DAZ character releases but I’m not counting those here.

SF Ball Joint Dolls Genesis 3 Bundle

One of my favourites, the Ball Joint Doll by Sickleyield Fuseling is back for G3. The doll is a surprisingly diverse product fitting themes from contemporary to the surreal.


ASN Model 4

DZFire has been making popular Robot/Cyborg characters for some time now and his latest addition, the ASN Model 4, looks very cool. I’ve made a lot of use of his earlier Cyborg Model 4.

ASN Model 4 by DZFire

Nomad for Genesis 3 Male and Female

Luthbellina produces some fine diverse character outfits. His current Nomads for Genesis 3 Male and Female. Hiking, down on one’s luck, or zombie survivors – you decide.


Rhys for Genesis 3 Male

Saiyaness’ catalogue my still be developing at DAZ 3D, but she has interesting and varied characters from the pretty to the ugly. Rhys for Genesis 3 Male is a dirty and pimply lad, perfect for your hard luck character or wastland survivor. See DigiSprawl’s artist feature with Saiyaness here.


Subsurface Workshop – SSS Shaders for Iray

It’s no over statement to say that DimensionTheory’s name is synonymous with quality lighting and surface products. It was the Interjection surface injections for the generation 4 figures that got me onto this guy. His hand painted subsurface scattering maps gave a level of control in configuring SSS for these figures that was very rare with any of the DAZ released characters. Thankfully SSS control maps have become somewhat more common since. Since then I have added many DT releases to my runtime.  …but I digress, DimensionTheory’s Subsurface Workshop For Iray contains some stunning looking shaders, covering plastics, waxes, fabrics and more. If I was rendering right now I would be on this.


Glassware Collection for Iray Vol. 2

As a sucker for shiny things I had to add ImagineX’s Glassware Collection For Iray Volume 2. If you’re similarly afflicted go check out the promo images. This is some fine glassware. Diverse and varied seems to be the key word for this post, and this product is no different. Lots of different pretty glass ware objects here.


There were plenty more recent releases that I wanted to add, but that’s already quite a lot of bling right there.

Aeon Soul Closing Store At Runtime DNA

aeon soul sale rdna

Promo image from http://www.runtimedna.com/newsletter/2015_10_29/index.html

No one seems to know, or those that do know aren’t saying why, but Aeon Soul is closing down their Runtime DNA store. Everything there is currently discounted 40%. There has been some speculation that Aeon Soul is set to make DAZ 3D their primary outlet, but who knows. Let’s hope this isn’t another case where the artist throws everything away to reappear sometime later with a new name. Like when Aery Soul went on to be AlfaseeD, with a whole pile of cool content being lost. I think some further content was lost as AlfaseeD went on to become Aeon Soul.

So, pickup the stuff at RDNA while you get the chance, because it might soon be gone forever. You can also find Aeon Soul’s store at DAZ 3D. One can only guess at the motivations for this and the previous moves, name changes, and content dumps. In any case, best luck to Aeon with whatever is cooking.