Do you have a story or product you would like see covered on DigiSprawl? Are you a writer or blogger interested in a guest spot, or an artists interested in a feature? I hope you are because I am looking for you!

If you fit any of the above descriptions or come close in some way, please fill in the email contact form below. Due to time constraints I cannot guarantee that all stories or products will be taken up, just as I cannot guarantee every writer a post, or artist a feature.

News and product

Please include as much detail about the story or product you would like me to cover and include links to any media or files. The contact form is idea for arranging further correspondence if necessary.

As long as it’s 3D/CG related there’s a good chance we’re interested.

Bloggers and writers

If you are interested in a guest post or regular contribution please include a brief background of your writing experience and a link to your blog or website. Jim is not picky, but he likes writers that can string whole sentences together, or if not that, can fragment with style.

Artists Features

If you are interested in a feature please describe a little about your work and background as an artists. Links to your work and online galleries too please 🙂

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