Mercenary Masks Now With DAZ Mats!

death mask promo image

This all started a while back when I saw a journal post by Retro Devil (who strangely enough is the artist most directly responsible for me bumbling into 3D) over at DeviantArt. He was looking for someone to take on the task of converting Poser materials for his new prop to DAZ Studio. I thought why not and took up the challenge. The materials only work with Studio 4.5 – sorry to the 4 and 3 users. I forgot that once something’s done in 4.5 there is no way back to older versions 🙁 The package also includes full metadata (bonus!).The new mats can also be obtained from ShareCG.These materials contain a lot of raytraced surfaces, so watch out. Swapping these for an environment map would be a good idea for older rigs. I may do an update for that in the future.

So, if you own the prop why not download the materials and give them a whirl, or if you don’t yet own Retro Devil’s Mercenary Masks why not go grab a copy and get rendering.

Hopefully this will be the first of more free files added to the site.

More demonstration images coming soon.

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