This is why we needed Genesis 2

Michael 6 3d figure rigged jaw showing weight maps.Well actually I’m lying. I think. As far as I know Genesis could have shipped with a properly weight mapped and rigged jaw. Was it a bridge to far at the time? Why not add it as an update post release? In any case a rigged and weighted jaw is one example of G2’s greater articulation. This means we have more control over Victoria 6 and Michale 6 when it comes to crafting expressions and creating other effects, such as taking a fist to the jaw in a bar room brawl.

Other key points of articulation are due to weight map improvements, weighted and rigged toes, and the splitting of the male/female figures has allowed for gendered weight maps. This means breasts are weighted much better, where as with G1 the chest had to be weighted to suit both genders. The improvements are quite obvious when doing comparisons.

Below is a 5 min DIY to see if I could get Genesis’s jaw moving by  by doing a little elementary weight painting.

on a whim

Pure horror. Why did Genesis never have a rigged and weighted jaw?

Yes, I’m still working on the review. As you can see I’ve become distracted somewhat with examining finer details and learning more about the software, involved technologies – building myself into a better, stronger, faster 3D nerd.

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