I would think just about everyone that uses DAZ Studio or Poser (and a good deal of other 3D enthusiasts) would have come across Stonemason’s amazing environments, and props. His works range from small robots to sprawling cityscapes, both of the present and the future. His creations are featured in hundreds if not thousands of renders posted on various art and 3D sites like deviantArt, Renderosity, and DAZ3D. Stonemason’s store page at DAZ 3D.

scifi image: 0530, Day Of by pjcubinas

0530, Day Of by pjacubinas
Fantastic example of a number of Stonemason’s creations put to work.

The other night I was lucky enough to stumble upon a post on Stonemason’s Facebook page which linked to a YouTube clip of him doing a quick model. The speed and precision with which he works here is impressive and something to aspire to.

A short film that incorporates his latest creation, and a fantastic demonstration of how CGI has come within the reach of the small indie film maker.

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  1. I’ve admired Stonemason’s work for years. His models have always exhibited great attention to detail, and are far below what one would expect to pay for them!

    It’s great to see his environments used in projects. We’re actually using some in our own projects this month. Thank you for sharing these with us, as well as the facebook and youtube links. I’ve never been able to find him on either of those sites before.

    • I’ve seen his props turn up in a few places since I put this together. I look forward to seeing what this project of yours is. I’m subscribed to your YouTube and awaiting to see. Let me know if you’ve got any snesk peeks 😉

  2. Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I posted this! Sorry for such a late reply!

    I’ve been using a plug-in called Teleblender to import Stonemason’s models into Blender, it really saves time setting up all the maps, although the shaders still require a lot of tweaking. I now have multiple videos that I plan to use various Stonemason models in- you can find a couple of WIP threads for them here:

    The first Oculus Rift proof-of-concept video should be up by September, followed by a longer, more varied 360 video a month later.

    • Hi James, good to see you back again. Your project is looking impressive. It seems you’re making great use of various sources of models, from stock to scans. The photo to model technology is something I’ve wanted to explore for some time, but the amount of geometry you end up with is just mind-boggling. I think I’ll stick to developing my modelling skills for now.

      Thanks for the update! I’ll look back in from time to time. Looks like there is an interesting story with what you’re doing.

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