Carrara 3D Expo Issue 10

Carrara 3D Expo is something I’ve been meaning to plug for a long time now. On the 10th of March the free online magazine released their 10th issue. I’m not a historian of such things, but if one looks at their catalogue on ISSUU it seems that issue 1 was released all the way back in July of 2009. Having briefly ran a free online magazine myself (survived one whole year!) I know that it is a lot of work, so congratulations to Danas Bartkevicius and his team for keeping Carrara 3D Expo thriving for over 4 years and 10 issues. Seeing the awe inspiring work of Elianeck back in issue 9 was one of the precipitating factors in my purchase of Carrara.

Highlights of the issue, for me at least, were the interview with C3DE founder Danas Bartkevicius (so hope I’m spelling that right!), and the gallery section which, as usual, features some fantastic work from several artists. Looking forward to seeing the magazine into the future with issue 11 and beyond.

And… in other Carrara related news: Carrara 8.5 slotted for September 2013 release (that would be what Americans mean by end of summer?), and Carrara 9 planned for some time in 2014. Check out the few details that made it out of DAZ 3D to Carrara Cafe.

Carrara 8

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    Articles like this inspire C3DE team to improve and continue on the mag 🙂
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