Great Software and Genesis Character Specials At DAZ 3D

DAZ 3D software and genesis character sale

Got’a catch ’em all

Carrara 8 Pro – 69% off! Normally, I’d say that’s pretty crazy, but this is DAZ 3D we’re talking about. These guys often have crazy sales, though I don’t ever remember seeing it this cheap. Hexagon and Bryce are a good buy too, even if they were free for quite a number of months until recently. Loads of Genesis characters and morphs up for sale too. IClone Animation Pipeline is also 30% off and that seems to be the thing all the cool kids are using these days – can’t say I know much about it though. My current favourite DAZ to LuxRender program, Luxus is half off at the moment too! Which reminds me, Reality 3 for Poser was released just the other day. That $15 sidegrade from Reality 2 is mighty hard to resist right now, especially seeing as I’ve been wanting to start using my copy of Poser Pro a little more.

Ok, I admit it! I’m a complete software junky – there, that’s a load off. I don’t even have to be a user of a program, but I still want it in my collection. I figure I’ll use all my pretty 3D apps one day. Until then I’ll keep reading about them all and drooling over all the pretty art people are making with them.

Oh, it seems the above prices are only for Platinum Club members, so if you’ve been looking for an excuse to join the PC or pick up some software or content from DAZ 3D, now is the time. Even without the PC membership the prices are still good but paying out for a month subscription to the PC is worth it just to get the discount for Carrara, if that’s something you’ve been eyeing off. check out the current sale to see all the goodies.

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