Awesome Sci-fi Releases At DAZ 3D

Just a short post to express how nerdy and happy I am to see a sci-fi packed day on DAZ 3D’s store. We have a mix of brutal post-apocalyptic, gleaming futuristic cyborgs, cold war era gloom and some of The AntFarm’s patent weirdness, in HD!

It is always hard to trump the post-apocalyptic ruins (in my mind at least), but maybe just maybe it can be done with the next installment in Parris’ beautiful cyborg line of characters. This time around, and probably not surprisingly our shiny cyber girl is for Genesis 2 Female. She comes with the material options we’ve come to expect from this line, including the low light/night reflection options we saw introduced with the Genesis based release.

Unlike her predecessors, she was launched with two additional (and optional) expansions. Genesis 2 Female Bot Armour Set 2 adds assault cannon arms and a sleek warrior’s helmet, boots, and an alternate torso for a more machine/human hybrid look. It can be used as either a standalone product, or to supplement Bot Armour The other expansion throws a spiffy set of advanced custom shaders into the mix.

You can pickup the Genesis 2 Bot Armour either as a bundle, or pick and choose the packages you want.

Another item I picked up today was drakken34’s Checkpoint 44, a beautifully battered and charred tower of some sort of military origin. It looks the part for the inevitable wastelands of the post-apocalyptic environment, but would be a fitting addition to war torn cities, and crumbling dystopias everywhere.

Supplementing this release nicely, drakken34 has also put out two packs of makeshift weapons perfect for crime ridden streets of a rotten metropolis just as much as they would be for arming post collapse raiders and militia.

Always love to see sci-fi days at DAZ. Hope to see many more of them