Recovering From Hack

Image by pixelcreatures

DigiSprawl, along with another blog I maintain, were hacked and out of commission for a couple of days. As far as such things go the event was a not a sinister attack, but more of a tagging. No malicious software or code was installed (other than changing the site’s homepage), but the fact that the hack happened, and that it went unnoticed by me for so long, is a wake-up call.

While removing and repairing all affected files, I identified and eliminated several potential vulnerabilities, but I confess, this is not an area I have strong knowledge of. I’m not a web security or engineering expert. Luckily I don’t have to be. We don’t keep, or have access to any sensitive data. Our subscription services are handled by WordPress and Google Feedburner, both companies I do trust in terms of security.