Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014 Coming May 21, 2013

Poser Pro 2014 and Poser 10 impending release

Poser Pro 2014 box art

Poser Pro 2014

Did this take anyone else by surprise? Sure, I’m not too involved in the Poser camp, but still no emails in my inbox, and then all of a sudden – Poser Pro 2014 coming out in two week! And damn do some of these features look grand.I could regurgitate feature list in full, but honestly I don’t fully understand them as I’m quite new to things like weight maps and rigging figures and conforming props. So! I’ll just point out the ones I found interesting and leave the rest of you curious types to check out the full feature break down


The new Pro only features are few, but for content creators they will undoubtedly be a big selling point. The new Fitting Room features tools to interactively fit clothing and props to Poser figures using various neat tools including painting selections so you can quickly modify exactly what and where you want. See the ‘tube video below for a gander at the tools in operation. Also cool is the ability to copy full body and partial morphs from figure to figure.

Other than this the average punter won’t get much from 2014 Pro that won’t be available to P10 users. These new features available for both 10 and Pro are some very strong additions, and coupled with 10’s lack of 64-bit support Pro 2012 users still have some very good incentives to make the jump.

New 10/Pro features:

  • Pixar’s OpenSubdiv finally brings subdivision to Poser no more blocky props and figures in those close-up renders
  • Rendering speed improvements when raytracing nuf said
  • Bullet Physics supporting both rigid and soft, and includes dynamic strand based hair.Are we going to see a port of “Look At My Hair” to Poser? Maybe similar easy to use styling tools that could take advantage of the new dynamics – that would be very cool.
  • Comic book preview mode in Open GL
  • 9 new human and cartoon figures
  • Magnets and deformers with weight maps + paint tools
  • Interactive Raytrace Preview – these things are so handy. Editing materials and fine tuning lighting is so much easier when you can see high quality realtime updates
  • OpenGL speed optimisationalso good 🙂

Reality Is Dawning

I know I’ve been talking Luxus up a lot lately (still got some more to come too), but I can’t say I’m not excited about Reality 3. According to a recent statement presented at The World-wide PoserExpo Online Seminar, R3 for Poser (later posted at Pret-a-3D) will be released on April the 8th at a discounted price of $39.95 (usually $59.95). SIDEGRADE AVAILABLE for Reality 2 owners just $14.95! You’ll be able to get your fresh baked copy from Renderosity, RuntimeDNA and Pret-a-3D. Pret-a-3D is apparently the only site that will be handling the tasty sidegrade option.

I’m sure that I’m not in the unique category of user that have both Poser Pro 2012 (or P9) and DAZ Studio, but prefer Studio for whatever reason. The question for us is, “how long are we going to have to wait for our version of the program?”. According to an dated FAQ posted on the front page of Pret-a-3D we can expect to wait about two months Post Poser release, but that was with an expected Poser version release date of November 2012… Does that mean it is closer or further away now? The same? I shall try to find the answer. [edit: Paolo Ciccone, developer of Reality just kindly provided us with an answer – see comments – saying the DS version should be available in about three months).

There is a lot to get excited about with the new Reality release, not least of which is the very cool feature that lets Reality talk to Poser’s node based material system and, as best as possible, produce Lux equivalent materials. Check out the Reality 3 preview for more of the goodies – alt text if you don’t want to sit through the YouTube presentation.


Poser Pro and 9 on Sale

Poser Pro Poser Pro 2012 and Poser 9 have just gone on sale for INSANE PRICES!!! $149.99 for Pro ($499.99 normally) and just $64.99 for 9 (Usually $299.99). That’s pretty good, right? I can’t really say a great deal about Poser from experience, as I’ve spent only a little time experimenting in the program, but I have found it tends to produce better render results than DAZ’s version of 3delight. Poser’s render engine (FireFly) is faster and natively supports indirect lighting, ambient occlusion and IBL. While all of these things are achievable with DAZ Studio via UberEnvironment 2 the implementation is very slow and can be glitchy (since last update of DAZ Studio I can’t use UE2’s IBL features at all).

Although my experience with Poser Pro is admittedly limited I can say with some certainty after converting several lots of materials from Poser to DAZ Studio (with both programs running simultaneously), that the program’s node based material system, while perhaps a little scary at first, is much more flexible and powerful than DAZ’s system. I also found Poser’s interface and figure posing tools, though somewhat oldskool, were surprisingly intuitive and quick to work with.

At the current price Poser Pro or 9 are certainly worth picking up for anyone interested in peeking into the exciting world of CG, or for those DAZ user that want to see how the other half live. Those that are considering producing consumer content for the DAZ market should also think about picking up Poser, as both communities are fond of Victoria and Michael four, and with the recent release of DSON, Poser users are beginning to take up Genesis. As someone who is planning to break into the content creation market at some point this was a huge selling point.

Here is a little concept piece I put together with Poser Pro and PS after a couple of hours spent playing around with Poser.

3D character render Tyler

Greetings from a CG newb

Welcome to DigiSprawl, my little space for all things related to 3D computer graphics and more generally, CGI – but before I get too far ahead let me introduce myself. In the day-to-day grind I tend to go by my birth name, James Willey, but online I prefer Jim for the sake of simplicity. I am not a professional in the world of 3D imagery, nor have I studied it in any formal capacity. I am a hobbyist with a passion. I’ve always needed and sought out creative outlets, and on and off for sixteen years that outlet was primarily writing. I like to think I was getting good at it, even if my spelling and punctuation required the constant aid of MS Word’s spell checker, and then a keen pair of eyes. For some reason, though I loved it dearly, writing rarely worked out for me, and my creative urges were never fully satiated.

Apple IIe

Attribution: allaboutapple.com CC-BY-SA-2.5-it l

As a kid I always admired art, particularly CGI. I was always stunned and blown away by the next generation of computer graphics, and special effects, and awed when confronted by art produced with the aid of computers. For whatever reason I never translated my love of visual art into practice, digital or otherwise. Perhaps my parents relatively Luddite disposition is partly to blame – maybe I just thought it was all beyond me. I loved computers, but didn’t own one till I bought an old Apple IIe for five dollars from my high school in 2000. I think this shamed my parents somewhat – or maybe it was just a confirmation that my near lifelong computer lust wasn’t a phase – as an out dated and overpriced Power PC soon followed.

I dabbled with some graphics programs that came with a demo disk, but lacking the resources to learn the programs I gave up in disgust at the results of my inept tamperings. I took up writing – anyone can write – and thus began a long duration in the wilderness.

Like I said, I like to think my creative writing developed a lot in that time, though there were long periods where I wrote nothing and dabbled with other creative mediums, but I could never make anything stick. My whole creative life changed when I stumbled upon Daz Studio. This program (and its older brother, Poser) is to 3D art and animation sort of like what the digital camera was to photography. Anyone with a few bucks and the inclination to give it a go can make a start and take it as far as they like. For those not familiar with these programs, they allow the user to arrange pre made 3D modelled figures and props into scenes and render as an image using an integrated 3D rendering programs (3Delight in Studio and Firefly in Poser). I don’t have any ability as a drawer/painter/designer and limited skills as a photographer, but since I found this gateway into the digital realm I’ve become increasingly motivated to develop these skills in a way to fully realise the images that inhabit my mind. I want to digitise the stories I couldn’t quite tell with the written word. I want to model, texture, render, and animate them.

So what do I hope to achieve with this blog? In part it is to exercise my writing (I still love it), but more importantly it is to share my experience as a digi newb, and to hopefully point out resources and inspiration for others starting out or even well into their own 3D journey. So come on in, I know there will be something for the digital art enthusiast.