Stuffing a Desktop Into a Tablet

CG on the bus, CG in the park, CG in the mall CG everywhere!

This is just a quick post about two competing beauties I want. I don’t know what it is like for normal people, but as a dude interested in cg I’ve often found myself in places and thought, “I really want to model this place”. Some times I’ll snap a few reference shots, but ever since the launch of the first generation the Cintiq Companion the idea of being able to sit there (where ever that may be) and model an intriguing item or the environment that surrounds me, has been pretty high up there on the “Things I Think About List”.

Of course, most of the people who want these cool things for the intention they were made for can’t afford them. i know I can’t, but it hasn’t stopped me fantasising about one materialsing at the most inspired moment.

So, what exactly am I getting so excited about? There have been pretty nifty tablet computers for a long time now. Yes, true, but having an i7, gigs of RAM, a dedicated graphics card, a precision stylus – all on a Windows based system is SO much more than a nifty tablet you can doodle and play Angry Birds 2 on. You can Z-Brush on these things! You can put together massive PSDs on these things without crashing out on insufficient RAM. You can do hardcore rendering on these things (though doing that a lot probably isn’t advisable).

Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

The number 1 such tablet is the Cintiq Companion 2 (i7) variants. I want one, like serious-burning-NEED type of want. Wacom are the bee’s knees when it comes to graphics tablets, and their extraordinarily accurate stylus is the number one reason the Cintiq Companion 2 is king of the pro grade tablets.

Cintiqu Companion 2 @ Amazon (feel free to buy me one while you’re there)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Number 2 is Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 (i7 variants). When talking processing power the Companion and the Surface are fairly equal. The one shortcoming of the SP3 is it’s stylus, but at around half the price of Wacom’s tablet computers this is a pretty minor issue. The Surface Pro 3’s stylus might not be as accurate as the Cintiq Companion’s but it is still far superior to just about any tablet out there, so yes, you still get a relatively frustration free sculpt or drawing/painting experience. Another big difference between the two tablets is that the Cintiq boasts a 13.3 inch screen vs the Surface’s 12 inch.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 @ Amazon

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 @ Newegg