DAZ 3D’s Victoria 8 Released

I was a bit skeptical about the speculation that a new Victoria was about to drop, and well, I guess history really does repeat. Here we are with Victoria and Genesis 8, almost like clockwork, and with all the new enhancements, I’m a little buzzed. I have my copy of the Victoria 8 Pro Bundle, and I’ll be having a good play with her soon so I can put up a full review.

Key notes on Victoria 8

She is built off a new Genesis 8 figure, which is interesting. Apparently we have gone from Genesis 3 to 8 as DAZ decides to ditch the Genesis versions in favour of sticking with the Victoria/Michael generation. This seems a sensible move as Genesis 4 and Generation 4 (effectively Gen 4 and Gen 4) would have been a little confusing, especially given Victoria 4’s continued popularity.

DAZ boast that Victoria 8 is the most backwards compatible to date, with clones for Genesis 1/2/3 coming included. Given that backwards compatibility has always been in high demand, this is a sensible and benevolent move on DAZ 3D’s part.

Further more, on the topic of backwards compatibility, DAZ have this to say on the figure’s auto-fit capabilities, “With new Autofit technology, Daz 3D’s vast content library for all the Genesis figures is instantly available for use making Victoria unmatched in her versatility as a 3D figure.”.

Enhancements include:

  • Muscle contraction and improved joint bending
  • Some sort of eye updates
  • Eyelashes are now a conforming something or other, which sounds kinda cool. I imagine it is a separate mesh
  • Default pose has been changed – “Improved default pose to allow for the creation of new types of content.”
  • Better skin. DAZ claim their updated uber shader is a vast improvement.
  • Finger and toe nails are now welded into mesh

Power Pose has also been updated (perhaps this should have been a clue as to what was going on over there), and Genesis 8 comes with Power Pose templates, so I’m going to guess our new figure works well with it.

As usual, the head and body morph bundles are separate buys, which is always a bit of a bummer, but I’m feeling more intrigued by this release than the last generation. Anyway, that’s enough out of me, I’m going to go play with the new girl. I’ll be back soon with a full review.

The Post Apocalypse

I’ve always been a big fan of all things dystopian and post apocalyptic – even done a number of Fallout themed renders. Seeing products that fit this theme always gives me a little thrill of inspiration. Maybe one day I’ll even get around to rendering the panels for that post-apocalyptic comic I’ve got all storyboarded.

If the apocalypse is your bag check these out.

Post Apocalypse Bundle


Rough Rider for Genesis 3 Female

In case Wastelander for Genesis 3 female is a little too much on the “skimpware” side Rough Rider might be the grungy alternative you’re looking for. There is also a G3M variant too.


Dystopian Girl (G3F)
And then sometimes you just need more leather. I know I do.


And because I can here are some of my own post apocalyptic renders. Given that these images are now between 3 and 4 years old now I’m itching to be back on my render rig.

DAZ 3D Printed Figures

DAZ 3D – Embracing the 3D Printing Revolution

Cute sci-fi character – one of the current 3D prints offered by DAZ 3D

I’ve put so many blog posts on the back burner over the last several months that there really is no best place to start. So many cool things have been going on in the 3D enthusiast arena. Hell, I didn’t even do a write up for the amazing DAZ Studio 4.7 release back in November last year. At some point a blogger needs to pick an interesting piece of news or topic and dive in.

DAZ’s move into offering 3D a href=”http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/6269025/type/dlg/http://www.daz3d.com/prints”target=”_blank”>printed sculpts of their content is just one such interesting piece of news. Most of us with an interest in technology and 3D arts have been following the development of 3D printing with great interest. To hold your very own 3D creations and fill your man cave, living space, workstation etc is a very appealing idea. 3D printer “nutters” have been doing this with varying levels of success and sophistication for years now, but the technology has remained too expensive and primitive for the general home user or commercial scale production, though it is now starting to filter down into the mainstream. Point in case, we have DAZ 3D now offering the service.


Currently DAZ is only offering a small range of printed figures, possibly as a trial phase, but appear to be poised to roll out the service for fully customised creations. The 3D printing promo video (above), and the 3D printing section of DAZ’s website clearly suggest as much.

While there are only four items to choose from right now, a number of very lucky DAZ 3D customers received a free promotional print of this very spiffy sci-fi character. Congratulations to all you lucky recipients, you have my most sincere jealousy 😉

Victoria 6 Free For (Very) Limited Time

Greetings fellow 3D enthusiasts! Some cool news out of the DAZ camp for you all today. In celebration of her first birthday this weekend (11:59 PM MST Sunday June 29th, 2014) you can pick up Victoria 6 for free. For those new to the latest generation of Genesis figures, you will have to download the Genesis 2 Female base figure (also free). The Genesis 2 base figures, female and male, are both available for download direct from your “Product Library” at DAZ 3D and via the DAZ Install Manager (DIM).

There are a lot of DAZ Studio and Poser users out there that have yet to dip their feet into the Genesis 2 pool, even as far as installing the base G2 figures, let alone grabbing either the latest Victoria and Michael incarnations. Can we hope to see a similar offer for Michael 6? Let’s hope. So, if you haven’t yet picked up the figure the time is now. Pass the word along.

The birthday giveaway announcement forum thread