Artist Features

This index of artist features has been created for ease of navigating the growing collection. Artists are arranged by recency and the software they primarily use. I’ve included a few key words that roughly describe the sort of work these artists do. Each feature includes an interview and selection of the artist’s works.

Carrara features

Eliane CK
Sci-fi, portrait, erotica, shader/surface queen

DAZ Studio and Poser features

Stylised, sci-fi, fantasy, content creator

Jeremy Mowen (Exyle Studios) content creator
Stylised, sci-fi, fantasy

Bryce features

Joe Vinton aka Orbital
Sci-fi, space, Photoshop, modeller

Steve Winter
Sci-fi, space, InZects, Bryce modelling guru

Surreal, abstract, sci-fi, fantasy

Technical, realistic, experimental, HDR god, tutorial producer, content creator

Michael Frank
Surreal, botanical, environments, modeller

David Brinnen
Technical, realistic, experimental, modeller, material and render god, chronic tutorial producer, content creator

Surreal, sci-fi, abstract

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