Huge Dawn Promo Render Challenge – Great Prizes

HiveWire 3D – Dawn still free

First and foremost I should point out that Dawn is still a free download from HiveWire 3D (just untick any/all the other bundled products). Maybe you’ve just come out from under a rock and have no idea what Dawn is? Not likely but, but to enlighten those in the dark, Dawn is the new Poser/DAZ Studio figure in town. That’s right she swings both ways… or at least there are two versions available – one version for each program.

Dawn was released back on the 11th(ish?) of August (2013). Since then more than 250 items have been released at the supporting brokerages such as HiveWire 3D, Renderosity, Runtinme DNA, YURdigital, Poser World etc. Renders featuring Dawn have been popping up in every major DAZ/Poser group on deviantART, and community forums everywhere.

The Dawn of a New Era Render Challenge

It seems that Dawn is an assured success, but to push Dawn right out into the spotlight, HiveWire 3D, in conjunction with PoserWorld, Renderosity, RuntimeDNA and YURdigital, are hosting an epic render competition with all these names and more sponsoring the event.

Each of the above communities will be hosting their own separate competition at the round 1 stage. Round 1 winners will then be pooled for the 2 stage of judging. So, if you prefer your spot in say Renderosity or Runtime DNA to posting at one of the other communities, then you are free to submit there. All entries will be anonymous.

3 submissions per community are allowed, and one very cool feature of this competition is that you can enter into any and all the various community competitions. For the ultra productive, this means up to 12 entries can be made, though each entry must be unique (no submitting the same image to multiple communities).

The contest has already opened. Round 1 entries close Oct 29, 2013 (don’t miss it!). In some cases, at least at HiveWire, a submission process hasn’t yet been revealed, but we are informed that all will be in order well before the deadline – just focus on making those render the best possible.

Now, the best part – prizes! [Is that the lizard brain speaking?]
This is one of the biggest community contests of its kind that I have seen. Up for grabs is a combined $1250 cash, 3 copies of Poser Pro 2014, 3 copies of Reality 3 for Poser (or 2.5 for DAZ Studio with free upgrade to 3 when released) and hundreds of dollars worth of gift certificates. Phew, that’s hardly a poke in the eye, but I’d take it anyway.

For full details and contest rules you can find the contest announcement page at your preferred community, but here it is at HiveWire 3D forums.

I expect the various competition judges will have their work cut out for them with a huge stack of high quality submissions. So, participate or admire (or both), it will be a spectacle to behold.

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